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It all started with the Saggy Baggy Elephant.  Not only was this Little Golden Book the beginning of my obsession with all things literary but it was also the beginning of me. (even if my two-year-old self didn’t know it yet)

Like the little elephant, it took me extensive searching and interactions within this world, and especially the world within, to finally be comfortable in my own skin.  I, too, would still probably have tears plopping down my face in a dark lonely cave of my own making if it were not for the kindred spirits I have been blessed with in this life (including my fellow blog authors!) who not only tolerate, encourage and share my dance but teach me new ones.

I also know that my little self was my real self…her family was her ALL, she was curious, passionate, learned to walk early, colored in the lines but only after redefining them, had a sensitivity to sadness in and around her, loved the feel of bare grass on bare feet, scooped up the runts of the litter, loved the union of crayola crayon meets plaster wall (much to my father’s chagrin), always thought she could learn something from anyone even if the lessons themselves didn’t seem applicable at the moment, would pull a complete stop whenever and wherever pointing wildly at the colors of a sunset, would boldly perform songs with animated actions to a room full of adults and then run and bury her head in her mama’s lap, loved with her Whole Heart, and hated naps.

In grown up terms (whatever that is) this means that…my family is my ALL, I am insatiably curious, incurably passionate, walk tall but also know and crave the cleansing humility of the ground, progressed to scribbles because lines are always up for interpretation,  embrace my sadness and (try to) work with it, love barefooting anywhere, always give the most unlikely the most probability, love the act of creating now in (more acceptable??) forms of cookingpaintingsculptingdreaming, believe each moment is an opportunity to improve my self, know the brilliance of a sunset is in its delicate transition of shifting light, have an odd dynamic of being colorfully charismatic and tenderly timid, found the Person who holds (and always has held) my Whole Heart, and I hate naps.


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  1. April 9, 2010 9:48 pm

    I already asked you to marry me, right?

    And you already said yes.

    No escape.

    PS – Do you think we might all perhaps marry each other in like, a halal way?

  2. April 10, 2010 2:56 am

    wow. this is an amazing bit of descriptive beauty.

  3. April 10, 2010 8:34 am

    Love this. And you. ❤

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