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Frenzy in the Athenaeum

May 2, 2011

Before you go rushing off to find out with Athenaeum means, it’s another word for library.  It sounds very Greek and awesome, so I decided to use it.

Just so you know, I want a library like this someday.  Filled with awesome books.

Well, I realize the whole world doesn’t run off of the same schedule, but some of us have hit finals week now.   Thank goodness.  That means that at least my chance of surviving the semester has had at least a fifty percent increase. 

Due to the fact that I am a history major, I do spend kind of a lot of time in the library.  The minor in literature doesn’t really help either.  Although I’m not in the library really as I really should be.  I find myself wandering out to the fine arts building a lot so that I can poke and irritate music majors instead.  I’m thinking of turning it into an olympic sport.  The goal?  See how many music majors you can get to threaten to lock you in a cello locker in under ten minutes.  Threats of being put in the garbage or locked in a display case also count.

But since I’m in the library more right now than in previous semesters, I know something about the usual numbers of people who show up in the library and their tendency to infiltrate the stacks in an attempt at peace and quiet.  Usually?  Not that many.  But when finals week rolls around?  Lots more.  Enough that I can’t seem to find a nice comfortable place to study where I don’t have to worry about disturbing someone by sneezing.

I’m also picking up on some very fun observations.  And asking a few very obvious questions along the way.  Such as:

  • The library advertises that they’re open later during finals week than any other time of the semester.  Does that mean that they are also spending more money on power and making sure that the building is sufficiently staffed?
  • Do the librarians find themselves in a frantic state trying to find books, shelf books, and send out late notices?  Do they start waiting at the computers just so that they can send out notices to the people who have overdue books and that they can charge late fees for?
  • Are the people from tech support running around frantically as well to keep everyones’ computers alive and sputtering for one last week?
  • How many people take the stairs rather than the elevator in their search for a quiet area to study?
  • Do people find themselves panting as they haul themselves up and down multiple flights of stairs?
  • Are people still confused that there is no entrance to the fourth floor of the library from the main staircase?  Are they confused by the fact that there are two third floors?
  • Is anyone still willing to take the time to watch TV shows on library computers for fear that someone will see and mob them for taking a computer that they could have used?
  • Does anyone else get a thrill of excitement when they turn in twelve books at once that they no longer need like how I did? (They were all research books.  If they had been for pleasure reading, that would be a different matter entirely.  As it is, it was a very satisfying experience.)
  • How many people are posting on Facebook right now about how Osama bin Laden is dead?  Which people are clicking “like” on the “How the USA shows up a Royal Wedding” page?
  • Does anyone else notice their backpack getting heavier as they press the “up” button in the elevator?What kind of force is being applied in order to make said backpack feel heavier?
  • When and how do people clean elevators?  How awkward would it be to walk in on someone cleaning the elevator?
  • How many people are writing blogs in order to procrastinate writing their last paper of the semester?

Whoops.  The last one might just be me.  😀

Have a wonderful week everyone, whether you’re struggling with finals, enjoying the chance to sleep in an extra fifteen minutes some mornings, freaking out about finding a summer job, already have a job and you’re freaking out about how insane your boss is, on summer vacation and making me jealous, chasing little kids around the house and STILL making me jealous, out partying the nights away, or whatever your life takes you to do this week.  Have a good one and good luck!!

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