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A bit of sweetness for you. . . . .

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I am back from the bakery with 120 festively-frosted oatmeal-sugar cookies for the third graders at my son’s school.

Mmmm. . . .

I ordered 10 dozen, thinking that was plenty for the 106 children I was told to plan for, plus a few buffers in case there was, you know, an incident with me and my other little boys.

I should’ve gotten more.

Want a closer look?


Every one is different, like snowflakes only yummier.

And here.

I don't especially approve of mixing cookies and candies, but some eight-year-old will be thrilled.

Valentine’s Day is a hard holiday for lots of people, but in third grade, it’s still uncomplicated and good. Just treats and cards with corny jokes for everyone. Maybe it’s not like that forever, but for now, it’s nice.

While addressing valentines last night with my boy, I watched him consider writing something rude on the card for a girl in his class. She’s dished out plenty of unkindness lately, but even so, she deserves a friendly valentine. I didn’t bother to philosophize or try to explain to my son that as an American woman, she will likely have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day for the rest of her life, and no way would I allow him to contribute to that turmoil while they are both still learning to navigate the foreign waters of good manners and peer relationships.

 I just said it’s important to be nice and make sure everyone has a day where they feel liked.

He left his card with a simple “To/From” message and we stuck a small package of candy to it.

For all the sadness and upheaval in the world, there are many sweet parts. May you find a few of them today–whether they are cookies or beauty or friendship or true love or a parking place at the impossibly crowded grocery store–and know that I wished them for you.

Let the incident begin!

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  1. March 7, 2011 4:09 pm

    Wow, these are some of the most purty cookies I’ve ever seen 🙂

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