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That One Day

February 13, 2011

We need some new posts up here. (Hint, hint, other Rock Poolers!!!)

And while I’m at it, welcome back to the worst day of the year (Valentine’s Day).  Feel free to visit again next year.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be feeling a little more hospitable toward you then.  I know, I know, and I admit, Valentine’s day is a wonderful time of year and has a lovely idea behind it.  But I, like many other single women (and possibly single men, but I don’t think I have any right to speak for them), have my issues with it.

One issue, mostly.

It makes a lot of us single people feel like crap because we’re not getting shiny or scented or chocolatey presents like how all of the people who are in relationships are.  Fortunately, I think everyone that I’ve run into that is in a relationship is always conciliatory toward any snarky singles around the time of Valentine’s Day.  Mostly because they’ve been there.  Fun fact.  Anyone in a romantic relationship has been single at some point or another.  Amazing how that works.  😉

I think I’m a little more snarky about Valentine’s Day this year than usual, simply because (brace yourselves!) I actually was in a relationship.  My first one, oddly enough.  And it all ended kind of quickly, which certainly didn’t help.  Long self-indulging story short, it was an odd relationship, and an even odder situation to be in.  And yes, it was good.  And if the poor idiot who went out with me is reading this I hope he’s making funny facial expressions and turning bright colors.  Simply because that would make me laugh manaically.  Which might scare some of my roommates, but if they’ve put up with me this long then I doubt I could drive them off if I tried.  Kudos to them. 🙂

But there are always the after-effects.  Like bizarre dreams and a greater longing for chocolate goodness.  More than usual, that is.  I have some very bizarre dreams under even the best of circumstances.  And the desire for chocolate is just a given.

Even at my worst moments though there are a few things even I gotta admit.  The first is that relationships make us look at our priorities a little differently.  Not just about relationship priorities (you know, where suddenly the way someone smiles seems more important than their taste in music), but about a lot of things in general. Like how much I miss my family sometimes, and how much I need my God.  Among other things.

For instance, afterwards I started realizing that I needed to be doing homework again and (gasp!) actually put some effort into it.  I also remembered exactly how important a lot of friends are to me; a fact I’m afraid I neglected for quite some time.  And oddly enough, when I was smack in the middle of said relationship, I didn’t worry as much about if thing would work out between us.  I think he was doing more than enough of that for both of us (sorry if you’re reading this, he, but I couldn’t leave that out!  Honesty is a curse… especially when it comes pouring out of my mouth.  Hee hee hee).  The odd part was that the thing I worried about if the relationship did work out was that it would somehow destroy my literary genius.  Writing, I mean.

I know.  That’s weird.  Has anyone else out there in the world felt a little odd writing romances for characters when they’re in the midst (more or less.  Often less) of one themselves?  Maybe it’s because I assumed that writers wrote romances in order to fulfill some part of their lives that apparently had not been previously satisfied.  I mean, really, you can believe it reading some of Stephanie Meyer’s stuff.  Teenage hormonal fantasy, that one.  And I can’t believe I just described those heinous books so kindly.  But there is another day and another time to rip those dreadful things to pieces.  And I certainly look forward to it. *Evil grin*

Returning to the original idea of priorities now.

So to put off the horror and utter disgust surrounding Valentine’s Day this year, I combined those three priorities.  In order to get out of doing homework, I decided to do something highly bizarre for one of my friends, and I am now writing about it. 

Turns out, the all guys choir on campus is singing to people for Valentine’s Day… for a price, of course.  Which I paid.  Just to see if I can embarrass my friend ever so slightly (she knows who she is- sorry, but it’s one of those things worth writing about).  And yes, she knows about this already.  Unfortunately, someone else has gotten there first, but I figure I can go for a repeat performance and see if these guys get better with practice.

And yes, I fully expect her to retaliate sooner or later.  That’s part of the fun of this whole situation.  I’m intrigued to see what she comes up with.

So here’s the goal for all of the single people who might be inclined to be snarky this Monday.

Find something entertaining to do.  Find something to do for a friend, especially.  Take a little time to laugh and joke and just plain have fun.  It’ll make the day worth it.  I promise.  It makes every day worth it.

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  1. February 13, 2011 7:16 am

    Ouch, ouch, ouch!

    It sounds like you’re going to enjoy the day, one way or t’other.

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