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Winner of Zeke, Ky and the Wooden Wands

September 3, 2010

The winner of Gwynneth Beasley’s Zeke, Ky and the Wooden Wands is k city. Congratulations! I’ll pass your address on to Gwynneth (ooh, you’ll get some Australian stamps!). Enjoy!

I love this picture from Gwynneth’s blog. (Am I allowed to take her picture like I just did and post it here? I hope so. It’s lovely.)

You can find Gwynneth’s Amazon page here, with a video of her and links to her blog. Also you can buy Zeke and Ky books through Better World Books and contribute to worlwide literacy initiatives. They have free U.S. shipping on new and used books. Buying used books from there saves them from landfills so then you get to see what far-off library rejected the you book you now love and adore! They’re not all from libraries, though (mine are because I always choose the cheapest choice). Okay, end tangent.

Thank you, Gwynneth!

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