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First time I…

June 25, 2010

…played rounders (schoolkids’ version of cricket) in the park with work colleagues, in jilbab.

I’m always refusing to go out with my work colleagues as they usually go to the pub for an evening out. However, this was a sports day organised by the nurses and seemed like a fun way to socialise. Also the weather was beautifully sunny.

For a friendly sunny afternoon, the two teams were very competitive! Doctors and sisters vs. Nurses. I was having palpitations before playing as I was having visions of tripping up over my jilbab. I was envisaging a ‘Jane Austen’ moment where I would have to run while daintily hitching up the side in one hand.

You’ll all be pleased to hear that our team won…and I didn’t trip! However, I didn’t manage to hit a single ball. But if I do, that will be for another blog.

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  1. Maryam permalink
    June 29, 2010 10:32 am

    now that’s awesome! i’ve often found clothes to be limiting, or thought they’re limiting, but they don’t have to be. it’s a state of brain. :>

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