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Mother’s Day

March 14, 2010

We don’t do Mother’s Day much in my house – nor do most of the people I know. Mainly because we subscribe to the view that, as my dad says, Every Day Is Mother’s Day. But like New Year’s Resolutions, the mother-loving feeling needs renewing from time to time, and I am absolutely not averse to picking opportune moments like right now when I need to sleep to do it.

Hopefully over the next few days (I’m looking meaningfully at you all!), our writers at the Rock Pool will start posting their responses to our first designation.

This month’s topic is ‘Something I Learned From My Mother’: we would love to hear YOUR thoughts, short or long, in the comments, about your own experiences with your mothers: what did she teach you? What did you learn?* Is she still living? What makes her more awesome than a cheese toastie?

* What you were taught and what you learned would not, of course, necessarily be the same thing. Maybe she taught you how to make samosas, but you learned that the best way to make them was to let everyone else do it, and pretend to spoon the filling into a pocket of filo while actually just eating it.


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