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A Very Short Letter in a Rather Longer Book

February 28, 2010

I wanted to look something up in ‘The Mennyms’ (to do with Edward Cullen)(Why?)(I couldn’t possibly explain right now), and got sucked into a(n entirely expected) re-reading vortex. And discovered I only had the first, fourth, and fifth (=last) books – thus! ONLY SMARTIES HAVE THE ANSWER. AMAZON MARKETPLACE PROVIDES.

Completely wrapped up in the adventures and misadventures of Appleby, Soobie, et al., I picked up my new(ly acquired) second of the series immediately after I finished the first, and I was surprised to open Chapter 2 (‘Not Again’)(right after the fittingly-entitled Chapter 1, ‘The Letter) to a slip of paper – which turned out to be a letter.

There’s something very pleasant and transporting about this letter – the date, it being full of names, the obvious affection of the writer. And in a strange cross-realities way, its ‘mood’ ties in almost inseparably with the strong sense of family that is so very characteristic of the books themselves, to the point I could easily believe Steffi and Grandma Joan are an extension of the Mennym universe.

And look at how the kisses trail off the page, as if Grandma Joan were in a hurry now to get the gift into the post. Bless.

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