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Looking good

February 24, 2010

I had a day off today, so I went through my list of priorities very carefully…then chucked them away and decided to get my hair cut.

I travelled all the way to North London with my friend for this special trip. We managed to catch up on life on the way there. It’s funny how although we speak to each other everyday, it takes us months to meet up in the flesh. The longest time was 1 year!

We were greeted by the hairdresser, who was genuinely very pleased to meet us. I  think it’s because we are really bonkers and tell her all the funny experiences we get from the hospital, and also generally we are a little mad.

As usual, I told her I wanted something different, however I always lack the courage when push comes to shove. She was very firm with me, and said a nice pink or red would suit me. I sat trembling with fear and apprehension through out my turn, until the end result….Not bad! It actually looks quite nice with pink highlights. She was laughing at me as she knew I was nervous of the outcome. I spent the rest of my time running my hair through my silky glossy locks, not paying much attention to anyone else. Shame I had to flatten my hair with my hijab.

On another note, I have had a few remarks about my age. First off, a parent of a child I was treating asked me the dreaded question which every woman hates to be asked: “how old are you?”

So far, I never thought my age was relevant to my qualifications. So, I angrily retorted “Why?” “Oh, You are too young to be a doctor”  ?!?!?

Then, one of the nurses told me in confidence, “when they said you were the new doctor, I didn’t believe them. You look 20 years old, and I was thinking how young you must have been to start med school.”

The last straw was when the consultant (attending) asked me if I was a medical student.

I’m still undecided if it’s meant to be a compliment to my looks, or demeaning about my lack of confidence.

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  1. February 25, 2010 12:57 pm

    I find it hilarious when people think my sisters are older than me, haha! And they start asking me what I’m studying, am I doing A-levels yet? But funniest is when a 14 year-old starts talking to me on peer-terms and then suffers the most extreme SHOCK and HORROR and DISILLUSIONMENT when someone (killing herself laughing) comes and tells her that Khadija doesn’t GO to school anymore – she doesn’t even go to UNI she’s so old.

    It’s a knife that goes both ways, I think – professionally it doesn’t help to look young and silly, but outside of that, it makes you ridiculously pleased when people guess you are about a decade younger than you are XD And it’s as much to do with attitude and language, as well as looks.

    Also, it’s better than, ‘oh my gosh when was the last time YOU slept, bagface?’ – or as one of my young students said yesterday, ‘ustadha’s a ZILLION MILLION YEARS OLD CACKLE CACKLE.’

    Also – pink!!?! I always wanted blue, but I was told blue faded to an ugly kind of grey. So the hairdresser suggested ‘magenta red’ instead, which fades to a really nice coppery browny auburn.

  2. Rivenheart permalink
    February 26, 2010 9:08 pm

    Unfortunately, I get it both ways. I have had several people in the last little while ask me how old I was and then remark “Oh, you’re such a baby!” and then I think they catch the expression on my face and quickly rectify “a very mature baby.” Then there are the other times when people assume that I a good three years older than I am and go around trying to offer me odd commodities, like alcohol and a good time. And then there are all the people that automatically just trust me because I have “that kind of face.”

    I can’t say that I’ve ever had the courage to dye my hair or get highlights. Sometimes I despair at my own cowardice, but then most of the time I just look in the mirror and decide that I’m just beautiful the way that I am.

    I am absolutely certain that you look gorgeous, with our without your hijab, if you don’t mind me saying so. :o)

  3. James permalink
    March 1, 2010 10:57 pm

    I think some people here have a hard time with non-english faces, I think my most/least favourite time was at a cousin’s wedding and the photographer thought I was an item with my mum…

    I don’t look that old, do I Saya? :S But to be fair, you’re always so bubbly and you have such a baby face its hard to pin your age down, and am I allowed to say anything about your height? 😀

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