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Hairdos – what do you all think?

February 22, 2010

I had a very disastrous shift yesterday, but glad to say that alhamdulilllah, I have now recovered from the worst part of my illness (working when ill is NOT fun). I have now turned my attentions to the mop on my head which I call my hair.

My hair has truly seen better days. At present, it is looking like straw (literally). It has last seen a hairdresser 10 months ago, and is seriously overdue. Now, my regular hairdresser is a lovely single mother, who has in her heyday, trained at Vidal Sassoon, so I know my hair will received good attention. however, she loves to talk… a haircut which should take 2 hours max, takes 5 hours! Actually, last time, that happened because I decided to go with my friend and we both wanted our hair to be coloured, so she took her time and chatted, and consequently we were very late to our friend’s (lunch) party on the other side of London. Oops… But she does do my hair well..

I was debating with one of my friends (you know who you are!) the price of haircuts and whether it is worth it. I definitely need to have a haircut at least twice a year, however she was not bothered by it in the least and never needed to go out to get it cut. Wearing a scarf, I do the haircut more to satisfy me than anyone else. I wonder what everyone’s thoughts on the matter are?

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  1. February 23, 2010 12:21 am

    I did for a very short time have someone do mine (I wanted it coloured, too!)(SCARLET THANKS), and she came to my house to do it and it would turn into a big girly hairfest where I would be the meek disciple being chewed out for not trimming my hair often enough and using too-long words. Apparently you should trim it every 6-8 weeks!

    She stopped coming though (not sure why – I think she’s alive, but not entirely sure), so I’ve gone back to having my mum trim it. It’s more about keeping it healthy than anything else – the cut-colour-and-straightening was indulging a girly desire to look hot pretty, but it would be bad for my hair to do it too often. Next time: WEDDING! (Mine/yours/anyone’s)


    And then sometimes you’re just too tired to bother with looking good, and you can’t even be bothered to do it for yourself.

    But I did buy a hat yesterday, even though I will clearly never wear it anywhere except in the house.

    Materialism = win.
    Asceticism = fail.

  2. February 23, 2010 3:48 am

    It sounds like you really need time to relax, so maybe it would be good to go see your hairdresser just to do something for yourself, if not only for your hair health!

    For years (before I became Muslim and began covering actually), I rarely got my hair cut, until I shaved my head about four years ago and then I had to keep it neat when it was short (I had really long hair and hated to get it trimmed before that). Since it’s grown out again, I’ve been trying to trim it more regularly, especially when the ends get icky – mine start sticking together annoyingly whenever they are splitting really bad, so I can tell when it starts to bug me. But I try to keep my hair really healthy by using a good shampoo and stuff. I’ve also been fighting the urge to shave my head again, just because I miss being bald (but then I think about how much work it was to grow it out and stuff…wafflewafflewaffle).

    Right now I’m trying to quash the urge to get some more henna dye from Lush. I did their red dye this past summer and LOVED it – it’s growing out now. I’ve always wanted red hair and their dye is awesome.

  3. Rivenheart permalink
    February 24, 2010 3:30 am

    Hmm. Well, speaking as someone who has never taken very good care of her hair until very recently, I would definitely say that it is always good to have your hair taken care of. The mother of one of my best friends used to be a beautician, and believe me, I LOVE going to her to have her trim my hair. She doesn’t do anything terribly radical or cute, but I like that she actually listens to what I want with my hair and then does it instead of assuming that she knows best and that I will look cutest this way even though I have no clue how to style my hair to match the way that she wants it. Yes, I did have someone cut my hair like that once. It was quite terrible.

    My recommendation would be to find someone that you trust with your hair (even when hair is covered I find it to be my greatest asset in any situation) and get some kind of a haircut that you like. Every girl needs something for her own personal enjoyment, and what better than something as lovely and wonderful as hair?

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